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Bathrooms Are Trending Toward Space and Comfort

According to leading home designers, bathrooms today should be more than utilitarian spaces. They are increasingly treated as cozy oases intended to comfort and pamper.

If that’s your goal, here are a few good ideas for transforming your bathroom:

Enlarge it if you can. A good contractor can steal space you didn’t know you had, taking it from an adjoining room or a seldom-used closet and adding it to your bathroom space.

Use reclaimed materials. Old is new again as homeowners choose recycled materials. Incorporate reclaimed timber into vanities or opt for recycled glass countertops for a sustainable bathroom style.

Choose clean lines. Modernize the look with the clean lines of a vessel sink and a freestanding European tub. If the budget allows, make it a spa tub to make the most of your idle hours.

Add a rainfall showerhead. Relax your back and soothe your senses in the spray of a rainfall showerhead. It’s all the joy of a trip to the tropics without leaving home.

Hang mirrors and art. Any mirror will make a room look larger, and a round, oval or irregularly shaped mirror will add a stylish note, as will a well-chosen print, framed and artfully placed.

Look up. Why settle for ordinary lighting when you can have the luxury of a crystal chandelier? Check your local home store for lighting options that add opulence with a small price tag.

Select spa-like accents. Candles should be a given, but not in any ordinary way. Try bubble glass votive holders along with rose gold towel holders and glass shelving options. A clear glass shower door is another way to add a spacious look to your bath.

Go for lush linens and more. Sink your tootsies into a lush, deep shower mat. Choose thick Turkish towels and plush robes, and a basket full of face and body-pampering soaps, masks and lotions.

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