Marketing & Sales Workshop Series

6 Part – In-Person or Online Monthly Sessions

Foundation: an underlying base or support

Dynasty: a family, team, (business), etc., that is very powerful or successful for a long period of time

Process from 1st contact to follow up after the purchase for referrals!

Know WHO you’re talking to? (How to really identify your avitar, ideal customer)

Know WHERE to find them? (Overview of what your website needs, which social media platforms to use, guest blogs, other advertising)

Know HOW to get their attention? (Developing your voice, micro-experiences, tools & techniques, Network sites & social media) (Detailed overview of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin & other social media)

Know HOW to capture their information? (Landing pages, opt-ins, Facebook groups, Automation)

Know WHAT to do once you get their attention and how to keep it? (How to set up email lists & automations, newsletters and what to include, contests, polls, followup)

Know HOW to get them to ask you to buy from you? (How to become an inbound sells magnet)


Registrants will be given instruction on what tool options are available to achieve goals for each session along with overview of how to use them and assignments to complete for their own business before the next session. A private Facebook group for registrants will offer support and q&a between sessions.

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